November 27 2019

Let’s Be Thankful

All things consider, I am most thankful for my bright and beautiful wife, and the three little devils that we bring up together. We are blessed with a most-of-the-time harmonious family.

This being said, Thanksgiving as celebrated in the US is a great time to count our blessings, as it is in the twilight of the end of a year and a new beginning and still leaves time to pondering and hopes.

I’m thankful that Boston is still a very welcoming ecosystem with good quality of life, excellent tech, and friendly people. We’re building here a community of enthusiasts who believe that technology could be used for the better.

I’m thankful that growing social unrest worldwide hasn’t led the world to implode yet. Temptation for extremism is being tempered by democratic processes, and there are attempts to bridge the inequality gap while not falling for outright socialism.

I’m thankful that younger generations willfully embrace the issues of climate change and a more moderate use of resources. Popular # of “OK Boomer” symbolizes this generation shift, and should be welcome as long as it doesn’t escalate into barren revolts.

I’m thankful that the increasing unaffordability of education and healthcare are getting the right attention. Again, technology unlocks online education and diagnostics, while fintech finds better ways to alleviate the student debt burden.

I’m thankful that any investors can now access investment strategies that were up to now reserved for people-in-the-know. Any investor can now access a diversified asset allocation for a fraction of the cost. Wellbeing and financial inclusion should benefit as a result.

I’m thankful for all our clients, and that 9-30am has now passed the $1 billion of assets under management, 30 thousand followers on Linkedin and Twitter, and we evangelize worldwide asset management firms on best fiduciary practices….Just kidding but I’m thankful that you help us getting there.

Invest in you.

360 Advisory – Markets