Premium doesn’t mean expensive

We are ready when the New York Stock Exchange bell rings at 9:30am, so that your money doesn’t sleep.

9:30am is an investment solution. It allows to manage the bulk of your savings in a diversified way at low trading costs and fees. It is computer-assisted to keep the costs down, but not computer-driven.

The senior expertise of your flesh-and-blood investment manager is always here for you, should you need it. You only pay for what you need.

With 9:30am, we believe that access to quality investment advice should be for everyone, not a privilege for only the wealthiest ones.

How it works? We craft a Portfolio solution based on your risk profile and investment objectives. Together we fine-tune it and if you proceed, we will invest it in carefully chosen securities and manage it for you in line with your objective.

Have a go. You’ll be surprised how easy this is.

Your investment is safe with us

If you are happy with the investment portfolio we designed for you, here are the steps to become a client and start investing:

You will open an account with Interactive Brokers through an online application (minimum IB investment capital $5,000).

Interactive Brokers (IB) is a SEC-regulated company listed on NYSE.

  • IB is the brokerage platform, taking the buy and sell orders.
  • IB is also the custodian (safekeeper) of your assets according to the US regulator’s prudential rules.

The discretionary account management will be carried out by 360 Advisory LLC, a company incorporated and regulated as a financial advisor in Massachusetts, represented by Benjamin Robinot as its CEO. Each client would enter into an investment advisor agreement with 360 Advisory LLC.

Investor in Denim

We like the term “Investor in Denim” to describe 9:30am philosophy: Your Investor in Denim is someone easy to understand and always accessible, who levels up with your needs.

You can comfortably talk through your investments, long-term goals and new life situations that might need you to re-think your financial strategy.

9:30am mantra is to optimize clients’ long-term returns, while cutting into the fees with minimal portfolio churning and low management costs. Technology allows us to cut down costs, speed up execution and achieve real time reporting.

9:30am investment strategy is anchored in the belief that a diversified, long-term, low-cost, Exchanged Traded Funds based investment strategy is the best way to maximize your return.

Your Investor in Denim will be the single contact you will need to help you, not only find optimal risk-rewards on capital markets investments, but also advise on private transactions, wealth transmission and life management.

He is the CFO of your life.


At 9:30am we want to help you grow your financial literacy so that you can better understand your options. We guide you through financial markets via our regular market updates.

    to our weekly market update


    Personal money management made simple

    Make your money work harder for you.

    Take 10mn to set up an account. Your money is safe with SEC regulated entities.

    Start earning according to your goals.

    No need to shop around, as long as your investment adviser has your best interests at heart.


    Turn business cash into revenues

    Companies of all sizes have cash balances at banks that carry very little to no interests

    Take 10mn to set up a business account, deposit cash and start earning for your company.

    Earn up to 100x more revenue on your cash.

    Your money is liquid and safe. Accessible within 2 business days.


    You might ask: Where does 9:30AM experience come from?

    360 Advisory LLC, is a US-based investment advisory platform. It was launched in the heart of US asset management industry, in Boston in April 2016 by Benjamin Robinot with the aim to advise on capital markets and private transactions.

    9:30am is a robo-advisory solution to respond to any investor’s need for low cost, ETF-invested, passive investment strategies.

    Benjamin Robinot, is 360 Advisory LLC’s Chief Investment Officer. A former London-based investment banker, he launched several entrepreneurial ventures in asset management since 2012. In 2013, he co-founded a credit fund that he now sub-advises. He is an authorised professional investor regulated by FINRA in Massachusetts, overseeing investments for individuals and institutions.

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